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Warehouse Security

Security In Warehouses – Protecting Yourself, Your Cargo, And Your Employees

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Warehouses are used by businesses all over the world to store products and goods – the bread and butter of their operations. If there are issues with warehouse security systems (theft, lost cargo, misplacement of goods), it can result in significant financial loss for the commercial companies that trust their goods with these businesses, as well as the warehouse itself. As a result, shipping companies and storage facilities need to take robust measures at their warehouses to boost security by improving their systems to safeguard their inventories.

According to reports from last year, movement restrictions most countries have set in place to reduce the spread of the coronavirus don’t protect businesses in the transportation and logistics industries from theft, as some may have believed. Data from the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) shows product theft targeting supply chains in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) in 2020 resulted in losses of more than €172 million (approximately £146 million), even though the region was under lockdown due to the pandemic.

Missing Inventory – why does it matter?

Whether you call it inventory shrinkage, lost cargo, or cargo theft, one thing is for sure – missing inventory is one of the costliest issues that make warehouse security more important than ever.

As mentioned, freight or inventory still in the warehouse is not impervious to theft. Poor warehouse security makes it easier for thieves to take products and make a fast profit – and all companies, regardless of what they are selling or producing, are susceptible to theft. The reasoning behind this is simple: if your consumers are eager to pay for your goods, it has a value that criminals may take advantage of.

Loss of inventory is usually covered by insurance, but regardless of the policy, the experience can be very detrimental to a business. If goods go missing, either due to theft or negligence, it can drastically impact the company’s trustworthiness, resulting in loss of clients and/or consumers, which ultimately leads to a decrease in revenue. This is why improving security systems in warehouses needs to become a priority for businesses in the logistics industry.

Internal and external warehouse protection

When it comes to warehouse security, it’s critical to safeguard both the inside and outside of the building. Perimeter security – external CCTV systems which cover entrance points, parking lots, and the property boundary – can help prevent theft by keeping criminals out of the warehouse or deterring casual thieves into believing that the theft attempt isn’t worth the effort and danger.

Internal warehouse security systems aid in the detection of thieves who break exterior warehouse security or workers who misuse their access to steal merchandise from the warehouse. Internal security measures frequently focus on limiting access or gathering evidence to assist capture offenders after the event, rather than prevention and intimidation.

It’s critical to have many layers of security to secure the facility both inside and out. After all, some of those who visit the warehouse on a regular basis may not be your workers, and there are likely several entries and exits that aren’t supervised by security personnel 24/7.

Because of the numerous entrances and exit points in a warehouse, as well as the presence of non-warehouse workers, it’s all too simple for a thief to penetrate the facility, steal expensive products, and walk away undetected due to the hectic environment. This requires the deployment of both internal and exterior security systems in warehouse.

High-standard security measures warehouses can implement

For sure, most warehouses in the UK have at least some sort of basic security measures in place, such as robust doors and windows, CCTV systems, or burglar alarms, but without a properly assessed security plan, incidents can still occur.

To ensure high-standard security, warehouse businesses need to combine several security tools that protect the inventory both inside the facility and while in transit. Some examples include:

  • Latest-generation CCTV systems Installing CCTV systems can capture high-definition video and send it to an offsite server, making it simpler to identify criminals and preserving evidence if they try to tamper with the cameras.
  • Security cages and access control systems
    Theft risks are significantly lowered because of security cages and access control systems, as they add an extra layer of protection between criminals and your expensive merchandise.
  • Silent alarm systems Receiving a warning from a quiet alarm allows security and police to respond swiftly and criminals can be apprehended before fleeing with expensive items.
  • Day and night patrol On-foot security patrols in and around the warehouse can be a powerful deterrent to casual thieves and trespassers, reducing the likelihood of large-scale theft.
  • Inventory tracking Tracking software is essential for determining the exact moment of inventory shrinkage and maybe even track down the merchandise.

Quick changes that can make a solid difference

Some of the security measures mentioned above can be costly and can take time to implement, so what can business owners who want to improve security systems in their warehouses as fast as possible do?

  • Backup camera footage Subscribing to a service that backs up your video footage in real time for offsite storage prevents criminals from destroying it by breaking into the surveillance room.
  • Reinforce entry points Reinforcing doorframes and adding high-durability door screws can often be just as important as solid steel doors and robust locks.
  • Implement end-of-shift security checks Before setting the alarm and leaving at the end of the day, supervisors or security should check any security cages and locks, patrol the warehouse for open windows or doors, and confirm that the facility is empty.
  • Consider employee background checks Internal theft is one of the most common causes of inventory loss in any company. To reduce these risks, many firms utilize background checks to screen their workers.

    Whatever your business is storing, it
    is clear that having a robust warehouse security system is going to be
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