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Fever Screening and Temperature Thermal Cameras

Fever Screening and Temperature Thermal Cameras

Help screen people for high temperatures, and protect your business

We are very pleased to be able to install and support thermal imaging cameras that can help with staff and visitor screening for the safety of your business. Using infrared technology our thermal screening temperature cameras systems allow businesses and property owners to monitor people for elevated body temperature which could be a sign of illness such as Covid-19 infection.

What Thermal cameras can do for you

Covid-19, as most people know, has a range of symptoms and these vary from person to person. However, one of the key symptoms is elevated body temperature which leads to fever. Being able to spot people with raised external body temperature is a vitally important way of protecting other people in the building. The person may not feel particularly unwell the telltale heat signature given off from elevated external body temperature will highlight the individual to staff monitoring the camera system.

Fever Screening to Protect Staff, Customers and Guests

Someone could very easily walk into a shopping centre, shop, office etc being generally asymptomatic but with an elevated temperature and leaving virus particles on surfaces and in the air as they move around. Without intending to at all this person can infect many people the average R rate for Covid-19 is around 3 but has been recorded at over 6. This means every one person can infect up to 6 people around them. Preventing this person from gaining access to a busy area can have a huge impact on suppressing the spread of a virus.

Fever screening thermal cameras are an ideal way to visually check all staff, employees, and visitors to prevent the spread of Covid-19, these cameras visually show the user anyone with excessive body temperature and will alert a member of staff to ascertain the severity and make a decision to let that person enter the building or continue to work.

We all hope the current pandemic is over very soon it clearly highlights the potential of other pathogens in the future. Thermal screening camera systems are likely to be a very useful investment not just for the near future as we move through the Coronavirus problem but in the longer term too. This may happen again and businesses that are set up for thermal screening may well be allowed to stay open longer than those who don’t. This technology allows the building in question to actively monitor anyone coming inside and act accordingly.

It’s important to note this is not a medical device and does not provide fever screening. However, it can form a very effective precaution which helps you make a calculated decision on whether to let someone into the building.

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