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If you’re thinking about installing an IP CCTV camera system – or upgrading your current analogue system to an IP Camera system– you’ve come to the right place, As one of the leading providers of IP CCTV camera security systems in London, Essex and the rest of the southeast, we is able to offer the very latest in Internet Protocol surveillance cameras to help protect what matters to you most – whether it’s your home or your business.

Currently one of our most popular security and surveillance systems is Internet Protocol CCTV, IP CCTV for short

So how does an Internet Protocol Security System Work?

As its name suggests it uses the internet to store and transmit the images it records in much the same way as your computer or phone would do. All it needs to work is an IP network connection. This can be achieved by an ethernet cable or via Wi-Fi. Each method has its pros and cons with a Wi-Fi setup being easier to install at the outset whilst the cable option gives better security because there is less likelihood that it could be tampered with.

Why Choose IP CCTV over traditional and very popular systems?

The number 1 reason is picture quality and ‘quality’ is the right word for these systems because the imagery is first class. After all, the point of CCTV is to be able to see what’s going on and, who’s doing it and, IP systems will well and truly deliver all your expectations.

Aside from superior image quality, Internet Protocol CCTV has many advantages over traditional analogue and digital CCTV systems. For example, it offers:

No data limitations: This means you can transmit and store exceptionally high quality images without ever running out of room.

You need far fewer cameras:IP cameras have a far wider field of view, so you don’t need as many.

Lower storage costs: Because you’re not using discs or tapes.

A choice of cameras from 1 Megapixel to over 20 Megapixels: A fantastic feature of IP CCTV is that it can be customised to your needs, with different cameras and options available to suit every budget and specification.

Flexibility and ease of use: All you need to view images captured by IP CCTV cameras is a web browser, which means that you can view images and monitor security from any location in the world, using a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Quicker and easier to install: Compared to the time and cost of installing traditional CCTV systems, IP CCTV is surprisingly simple to install. It can use existing network points and cabling, and it can also use network cable which is cheaper than analogue cable.

IP CCTV doesn’t need to cost the earth

Just because IP Camera systems use advanced technology, this doesn’t mean that it must cost the earth. In fact, because installation costs are lower, and less equipment is required, IP can end up costing around the same as a traditional system.

How to choose an IP CCTV Company

A good installer should be SSAIB (Security Systems & Alarms Inspection Board) certified. We are!

And it’s not just us saying this, the insurance industry takes the same view. In fact, most insurers will give you a discount if you use an SSAIB installer. That’s because, to be, SSAIB certified, you need to work to the highest levels.

On the flipside, if your CCTV camera system doesn’t meet the necessary standards, and you’re burgled, your insurers can refuse to pay out. (Yes, this can happen.)

As a SSAIB approved installer, we’ll make sure your IP CCTV system meets all the necessary criteria and guidelines. And, because we always use branded equipment – rather than cheap alternatives – your system will be far more reliable, as well as being more user-friendly. But the good news is that, because we keep our overheads low, you’ll find we can still compete on price with companies that use cheaper equipment.

The very latest in IP CCTV Camera technology

It is little wonder that IP CCTV systems have become one of our most popular security and surveillance camera systems, it is simply due to its superior image quality, the easier set up and the great flexibility in being able to check the security of your premises from anywhere in the world.

With new technology coming along many people are now upgrading to higher performance systems and away from traditional analogue standards.

As one of the leading providers of IP CCTV security camera systems throughout Essex and London and also certified CCTV System installers, we can help protect what matters to you most. So, whatever your needs or budget, we have the experience to give you the best possible advice on the best IP Camera system for your needs. And, when we say advice, we mean advice.New Paragraph

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We install ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) Cameras to help deter theft, but it is also used for Car park access control systems, Car park toll payment automation, business premises access and lane control.

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