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Fire Alarms

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Fire alarms

At 24-7 we can offer a range of hard wired and wireless fire alarm systems which are suited to meet your requirements.

we have freedom of choice to select, design and install a wide range of fire alarm systems, including analogue addressable fire alarm systems, conventional systems or even money saving twin wire systems protecting small to medium sized premises.

Never compromising on quality and working with world class manufacturers

our technical team are dedicated to provide customers with support and best practice. We will always give a full detailed service that will be carried out to the recommended standards and never use systems that are not user friendly for the end user, we will fully train your competent persons who are designated as site fire marshals on how to use and carry out your weekly testing procedures.
On all our systems we offer 24-7 technical help and can offer a wide range of service plans from planned maintenance on your existing system to full site fire alarm marshalling for all your testing requirements

Protect your premises, however isolated they may be

If you operate a remote facility in an isolated location, you know how challenging it can be to secure your premises. Whether you have a mine, plant, cell tower, forestry station, solar farm or research station, keeping an eye on your valuable equipment and resources can seem impossible.