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CCTV Maintenance & Takeover Service

Comprehensive CCTV repair and maintenance services on all types of installations whether you are an existing client or a new one, we can takeover your existing system

We don’t just install and implement new CCTV systems; we offer solutions that give you peace of mind on existing systems, flexible after-care packages if you require one-off pay-as-you-go services or, full CCTV maintenance contracts – You choose.

Next day call outs guaranteed

At 24-7, we only use qualified, highly experienced professionals, so you can be assured that any repairs or maintenance services carried out on your CCTV system is of the highest standard. We can guarantee next-day callout or a maintenance visit on a day and time to suit you.

If your existing system had been provided by a different CCTV provider, we can arrange a completely free, no obligation site survey to assess its condition and provide a report with our recommendations.

Being approved by the SSAIB ensures that we’ll make sure that your security system meets all the necessary criteria and guidelines.

Choose a maintenance contract for continued functionality

Can you afford the risk of your CCTV system failing? Even downtime of just a few hours could lead to serious consequences for your home or business. Investing in a state of the art security system is the first step, but that system will only provide maximum benefits if you maintain it

By taking out a maintenance contract with 24-7, potential problems can be detected early before more serious issues arise. Regular maintenance can extend the life of your CCTV system and avoid having to pay for a replacement.

If you are a business user, you’ll be able to offset the cost of any CCTV maintenance and repair against your corporation tax.

Security Systems Takeover Service

A CCTV security maintenance takeover service refers to a situation where a company or organization takes over the responsibility of maintaining and servicing CCTV security systems from another company or organization.

This may occur for a variety of reasons, such as the original service provider being unable to continue providing the service or a company or organization deciding to switch to a different service provider for CCTV security maintenance.

In the UK, there are many companies that offer CCTV security maintenance takeover services. These companies typically provide a range of services, such as regular system inspections, maintenance and repair, and upgrades and installations.

If you are in need of a CCTV security maintenance takeover service in the UK we are here to help, we are a reputable and experienced provider that can meet your specific needs and requirements

Know more about our specialist CCTV maintenance and repair services in London

Would you like to find out more about how we ensure your security systems are always operating perfectly or to check if they’re fully compliant? Get in touch to enquire about our maintenance options for new and existing customers.

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CCTV Maintenance Charges

 Whilst we understand that knowing how much you are going to be charged for CCTV maintenance would be helpful it is not possible to give specific prices without first seeing the property and system in question.  This is because every customer is unique and the costs will depend on various factors, such as the how many cameras are involved etc.  Your insurance may also have a bearing on how much your CCTV maintenance will cost as the amount may vary depending on the amount of visits that are required.

Here a 24-7 we always include one free call out per maintenance contract to give you a helping hand when you first sign up with us.

One thing we would say about cheap as chips CCTV maintenance charges is they can often be too good to be true.  Some companies will set their charges very low but once you’ve signed up you suddenly find you are having to pay several hidden charges on top.  We may not be the cheapest quoted however we promise not to hit you with any hidden costs.

CCTV Maintenance Procedures

When it comes to CCTV maintenance, checking all the correct procedures are being followed is extremely important. We also have our own maintenance procedures that need to be followed to ensure that your system is working as it should.

On visiting your property our procedures entail checking to make sure that you are using the most up to date firmware and updating where necessary. We also make sure that the camera lens are clean and the images they record are clear because we understand the importance of high quality imaging when it comes to security.  We’ll also make sure that the power supply and voltages are as they should be to make sure that the system doesn’t let you down when you need it most.

Whilst doing maintenance on your CCTV system we’ll check all GDPR procedures are being adhered to; for instance making sure that the cameras are not pointing in any direction that could cause an infringement on your neighbours privacy as well as ensuring that all your signage is in place and complies with the data protection act.


Reassurance assured

We find that many of our customers are worried that they may not be following the correct procedures when it comes to GDPR so when you get 24-7 to do your CCTV maintenance you can rest assured that we will make sure that your security system is both working properly to protect you and your premises and that it complies with the current legislation to keep you on the right side of the law.

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