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Access Control Systems

Secure your premises by allowing the right people in and keeping risk out.

Our state-of-the-art access control and door entry systems ensure safety and security for your business premises or construction site throughout the London & Essex area.

Access Control Systems in Essex to Manage Workforce and Risk

For your business premises to be completely secure, you need a system that stays ahead of increasing levels of risk. We specialise in a range of access control systems including door entry equipment in London & Essex to suit the changing requirements of evolving organisations.

24-7 controlled access systems are considered some of the best in the industry for security and ease of use. Our integrated options grant access to authorised personnel, minimising risk of theft and damage.

Integrating your existing access control and door entry system

Do you already have a system of control or door entry in place and need to add an extra layer of security? No problem.

We can easily integrate a new control unit with your existing systems, such as time/attendance recording systems. Our technical engineers are highly experienced in enabling different systems to work seamlessly together.

Control systems serviced across London & Essex

Would you like to find out more about how we can help you restrict unauthorised access and enhance your building or site security? Get in touch to book a no-obligation survey and live demo.

We’d be happy to go through the costs involved then arrange to examine your premises, identify your exact needs and make our expert recommendations for the right access permissions control  for you.

Simply email or call 01268 452602.

Comprehensive Access Control System 

Using state of the art products that are the best in the market we can provide all kinds of businesses and organisations with a comprehensive access control system that fits your needs perfectly.

Whatever sector you are involved with, from retail to education, construction, office or hospitality, we can provide a robust, reliable and efficient control system for your premises.

Our team are highly experienced in planning, installing and maintaining all kinds of access controlled systems right across the commercial sector.

Whether you are looking for a simple system that only allows certain people in and out of the main door or a more complex system which allows everyone into a building but only a certain few have access to specific areas we’ve got the system for you.

Timed Access Entry Control

Perhaps you are looking for a timed entry solution? For instance only allowing entry between certain times of the day. Just let us know during our initial consultation and our team will incorporate the functionality you require.

Each and every business will have its own challenges when it comes to keeping their premises and materials secure and a great example of this is construction. One of the major headaches for any construction site is identifying who has access – and who doesn’t – during the development of the site. The biggest problem is that the construction process is very dynamic, and the security needs are likely to have to adapt to the changing requirements in skills and materials. Our access control systems can be as flexible as you need them to be, just let us know and we’ll build in the flexibility to ensure that you only ever have the right people on the job at the right time.

But the flexibility of our systems doesn’t stop there. All our setups can be easily integrated with your other security systems such as CCTV.

Easy Controlled Access Control System in Essex 

All this functionality is easily and simply controlled via a PC, giving you total and instant control over access to your property, allowing you to open doors, close doors and even put your whole property into lockdown. Not only that but with the app loaded to your smart device you can receive alerts and keep up to date remotely.

In this day and age it is a sad fact that we need to have additional layers of security to protect our property. If you are looking to add a reliable access control system to your property, then talk to the experts at 24-7.

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