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The Texecom Ricochet Premier Elite Intruder Alarm

When it comes to a wireless intruder setup for a large commercial premises, we can certainly recommend the Texecom Ricochet Premier Elite system. With its mesh network technology, large range and scalability the Ricochet Premier Elite is in a class of its own and whilst it is extremely well suited to commercial installations it can also offer its powerful security protection just as well in residential situations.

Benefits of Texecom’s Ricochet Premier Elite

Large range – The mesh wireless technology of the Ricochet system means that it can cover a much larger area easily. Because it is not limited to simply point to point communication, its ability to receive and repeat signals from devices around it can cover even the remote areas of your property.

Self-healing capabilities – When you rely on Ricochet Premier Elite for your security you don’t have to worry about breaking the connection between the devices with alterations to your building or temporary blockages such as vehicles being in the way. The network will simply re-route its communications through a nearby device to keep the area covered.

Easy installation – Each device in the mesh network has an in-range indicator, making installing the system very simple.  Combine this with its automatic wireless routing and you have a superior security system that is easy to install too.

Energy Efficient – Boasting a massive 1000 times less energy consumption than a security system that is wired in means that you’ll be getting better protection whilst looking after the budget.

Texecom Premier Elite 24

Zonal protection – The Texecom Premier Elite 24 covers up to a maximum of 24 zones within your premises and, as you would expect from this calibre of alarm system you still get the full functionality of others, such as the ability to fully arm your whole property or just choose areas.  For instance you can set it up to monitor your downstairs and garage areas at night whilst you are free to move around your sleeping area.  This is especially handy in business premises where the areas may be used for differing time periods especially in the case of multiple occupancy.

Superior Motion Detection – With its omni directional roof PIR sensors it has full 360 degree coverage which ensures that there is really nowhere for intruders to hide.

Reliability and performance – Texecom have ensured that the Ricochet system has first class reliability with its two way communications as well as a robust and secure encryption to protect its wireless signals. It is also one of the best performing intruder alarm systems on the market today.

If you are looking for a powerful, scalable and efficient security system to protect larger commercial or residential premises come and talk to us about how Texecom’s Ricochet Premier Elite system supplied and fitted by our friendly experts, could be just what you require.

Maintaining your Burglar Alarm

Most insurance companies insist that residential and commercial burglar alarm systems must be maintained a minimum of once a year. Our friendly expert team is always available to talk to you about your burglar alarm installation.