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Smart Burglar Alarm Installation Essex & London

All the alarms we install are a minimum Grade 2 insurance approved. Our Smart Burglar alarm installations will give you full protection for your home and business from the palm of your hand.

Our sleek wireless award-winning Smart intruder alarms allow you to take security to the next level. Choose from the AX Pro Smart Alarm, a simple to use yet powerful and reliable system, the award winning Risco Wicomm Pro security System or the Texecom Ricochet premier elite series which has a wide array of wireless devices for home & business security. Get in touch with us to discuss all your safety, perimeter protection and overall intruder prevention requirements.

Here is a list of the top 5 things stolen by burglars

Intruder Alarms

Wireless Intruder Alarms in Essex

Our smartphone app enables you to control your Intruder Alarm system from any location, to receive alarm notifications and much more, directly to your smartphone. This wireless Smart Alarm gives you all the flexibility, control, and functionality that you need for everyday life. The Texecom Ricochet Premier Elite Smart Alarm, and the AX Pro have an extensive range of wireless devices that are ideal for ensuring that your home and business security, safety, perimeter protection and overall intruder prevention stays at its maximum.

Commercial Hard Wired Burglar Alarm

Light SYS 2 and the Texecom Ricochet is a professional hybrid (wired and wireless mix security system) for both residential and commercial  alarm systems, offering ultimate flexibility with the option of wired or wireless accessories.

Commercial Hard Wired Burglar Alarm

Maintaining your Burglar Alarms in Essex

Most insurance companies insist that residential and commercial burglar alarm systems must be maintained a minimum of once a year. Our friendly expert team is always available to talk to you about your burglar alarm installation.


What are the Benefits of a Burglar Alarm from 24-7?

We only supply and fit the most up to date and comprehensive burglar alarm systems to premises in Essex and the nearby counties. All our systems provide the best protection for your property whether that is commercial or residential. And because we only use smart systems to protect you from intruders this gives you the greatest flexibility as well protection.

As a Deterrent

Having a visible alarm system has been proven to put off a significant number of intruders so it makes sense to have one fitted to protect your property from burglaries. We’ll make sure that your system is strategically placed for maximum visibility whilst ensuring that it is not easily tampered with.

Early Warning

Should intruders enter your premises you’ll be the first to know, whether you are in the property or many miles away. All our burglar alarm systems have remote monitoring capabilities, and you will be alerted the moment an intruder breaks in.

Securing a Conviction

If the worst happens and they are not deterred by the presence of your visible and audible gadgets, then our systems will ensure that they are caught on camera.  This way, when it goes to court, you should have enough evidence to get a conviction.

Cost Effective

Because all the systems we install are grade 2 or over they are approved by insurance companies which should result in reduced premiums on your properties insurance.

Full Control

Whichever system you choose you will have full control, easily from your phone, allowing you to monitor what is going on in your premises even when you are many miles away.  You also have the flexibility of turning the system off and on as well as choosing which zones are protected. However, the functionality of our burglar alarm systems doesn’t end there.  You can even turn lights off or on should the need arise.

Why Use 24-7 for Your Burglar Alarm?

For starters we’ve been fitting burglar alarm systems to premises in Essex as well as nearby London areas for many years and we know how to ensure that you get the best protection.  We also only install the best quality smart systems so that you and your property are covered.