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All the alarms we install are minimum grade 2 insurance Improved Smart Burglar alarms which gives you full protection of your home and business from the palm of your hand.

Our smartphone app enables you to control your Intruder Alarm system from any location, to receive alarm notifications and much more, direct to your smart phone.

This sleek wireless award winning Smart Alarm allows you to take Security to the next level. The Agility 3 Smart Alarm and the award wining Ajax Wireless security System has a wide array of wireless accessories for home security, safety, perimeter protection and overall intruder prevention.

Do you want that extra peace of mind?

All of our alarms have live video verification that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge P2P IP cameras that will provide you, or an Alarm Receiving centre with superior video verification, Real-time imaging and live video streaming.

Ajax Phone App
Agility 3 phone app

Commercial Hard Wired Alarm

Light SYS 2 is a professional hybrid security system for both the residential and commercial sector that offers ultimate flexibility with the option of wired or wireless accessories.

Light SYS 2 is a grade 2/3 Alarm that also connects to the IRISCO Smartphone app by either IP, GSM or GPRS Communication.

Just like the Agility 3 Smart Alarm the Light SYS 2 also supports VU point P2P IP Cameras with live video verification or real-time video streaming in response to alarm triggers.

Maintaining your alarm 

Most insurance companies insist that residential and commercial burglar alarms must be maintained a minimum of once a year.

247 CCTV Security LTD located in Essex offer a routine maintenance visit every year where they make sure your burglar system is up to the SSAIB standards and fit for purpose.

Ajax Smart security system