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Burglar Alarms

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Burglar Alarms

Wireless and hardwired intruder alarm systems for businesses and homes

Prevention is always better than cure. We provide a choice of alarm solutions, including the latest 2-way wireless burglar alarm system with real time imaging.

Risco Agilty 3 panel

Which intruder alarm is right for you?

At 24-7 CCTV Security Ltd, we can create an intruder alarm system that is perfect for your needs – whether for your business premises or home.

In some instances, a hardwired burglar system is too impractical to install. A popular alternative is a wireless burglar alarm, with the option to choose a smart burglar alarm linked to a self-monitoring smart phone app.

Why a wireless burglar alarm system may make more sense

Wireless burglar alarms are the most popular choice today, whether as a home security system or for business premises. There are no unsightly cables – and no compromise in quality and security. 24-7 CCTV wireless burglar alarm systems use the highest quality equipment and are rigorously tested to provide maximum levels of protection.

Agility 3 phone app

The smartphone controlled burglar alarm – Risco Agility 3

We are expert Risco Agility 3 installers.

The Risco Agility 3 is a smart burglar alarm that communicates with an app on your smartphone, iPad or computer (just requires an IP module). Combining cameras and sensors, this state-of-the-art wireless security system is ideal for homes and small businesses and is insurance-approved.

When the alarm triggers an event, real-time images are sent to you for visual verification and to a remote monitoring station, with the alarm controlled via cloud or telephone (using a touch-tone keypad).

Looking for a traditional wired burglar alarm system?

At 24-7 CCTV, we also offer a range of reliable, high quality hardwired systems for businesses and homes featuring the very latest PIR sensor and alarm technology.

Although these are usually cheaper than wireless alarms, the cost of cabling and trunking involved can add up – especially in homes where alarm cables will need routing and hiding.

A specialist burglar alarms service across London, Essex and Kent

Would you like to find out more about how we can help you choose a cost-effective burglar alarm system that’s an ideal fit? Get in touch to book a no-obligation survey and live demo.

We’d be happy to discuss costs then arrange to examine your premises, identify your needs and make our expert burglar alarm recommendations. Simply email or call 01268 452602.