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We install 4K, HD, and IP CCTV systems for your peace of mind

Whether you need a simple camera system for your home or a more sophisticated IP CCTV security solution for your home or business installed, we can help you with the right system at the right price with prompt installation services across the entire Essex and London area

Specialist CCTV Security installation from the experts

When it comes to installing CCTV surveillance systems, the team at 24-7 really know their stuff. We specialise in CCTV installation and have years of experience in this area, as well as expertise and in-depth technical knowledge.

We’re also ahead of the curve when it comes to utilising the very latest technology and equipment to design bespoke security solutions that work for you and your business. We install, implement and maintain CCTV systems across London & Essex, and we keep you, the customer, involved and informed at every stage of the process.

If you need expert advice on which system is best for you or you’d like to book your free, no obligation site survey, get in touch with one of our professional CCTV system Installers on 01268 452602 for a friendly chat.

Expert CCTV Installation

We are experts in CCTV installation for homes and businesses across London and Essex. Whether you’re looking for surveillance cameras, wireless CCTV or more sophisticated IP CCTV systems, we can help. Our experienced team all have in-depth technical know-how, and we make it our mission to offer the latest technology to design and install the most appropriate systems for your needs.

CCTV Maintenance and Servicing

Failure of your CCTV system could be very costly for your home or business. This is why we offer a comprehensive CCTV maintenance and repair service to all existing and new customers. Not only do we offer flexible after-care packages for all installations, but we also provide one off repair services or full maintenance contracts for more complex systems. CCTV maintenance can be offset by your business against corporation tax.

CCTV Leasing.

If you’re looking for CCTV rental in London or Essex, you’ve come to the right place! By leasing your system from us, you can benefit from the latest technology without any upfront costs, ideal for smaller businesses. We have a range of leasing options to fit in with your cash flow and offer fixed rate monthly fees, making it easier for you to budget in advance.

High Level Analytic CCTV

Analytic takes security to a much higher level, offering round the clock monitoring and surveillance without the need for a security guard. Also known as ‘smart CCTV’, these systems don’t just record footage, they can analyse movement for certain behaviours and alert you or your security team when suspicious activity is detected. These systems have been proven to reduce false alarms and save money in unnecessary call outs.

Secure CCTV Security Monitoring From Anywhere In The World Via The Internet

Check on your premises anytime and anywhere through your computer or mobile phone. Our systems allow you to view your CCTV with internet or mobile 3G on a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet when abroad on business or holiday.

Our CCTV Installation Solutions in London & Essex

At 24-7, we use only the very latest technology and equipment to protect what you care about most. We honestly believe that this technology doesn’t need to cost the earth, and we’re proud to offer great value solutions that perfectly meet your needs.

Whether you need a simple CCTV system installing or an advanced or complex solution, we can help to find the perfect fit at an equally attractive price. As an SSAIB certificated company, we provide CCTV and other security systems you can trust.

Install the Latest 4k CCTV Security Systems…

You will benefit from full colour 4k HD cameras with day and night functions for crisp detail and clarity in all lighting and rugged durability in all types of weather. Our IP CCTV cameras are even equipped with infrared night vision to give you peace of mind 24/7.

We can install full systems to help you view your CCTV at any time, along with modern recording equipment to digitally record and store all video.

…or the very latest in IP technology

One of our most popular security and surveillance systems is IP CCTV (also known as Internet Protocol) due to its superior image quality.

As new technology comes along many people are now upgrading to higher performance systems and away from traditional analogue standards. As one of the leading providers of IP CCTV security systems throughout Essex, London and the southeast, and also certified CCTV System installers, we can help protect what matters to you most.

A specialist CCTV installation service

Well-executed CCTV installation is the cornerstone of any system’s success, and though you may consider installing it yourself, we recommend getting a professional company to install all aspects of your system. This is because there are many different factors to consider when installing cameras – such as avoiding reflections and blind spots and identifying areas with appropriate lighting and access for maintenance. Our expert team will ensure that any CCTV installations for companies or homes are appropriately placed, and we’ll also do our best to hide or disguise wiring.

We not only fit traditional or internet protocol (IP) security systems with ease, we’ll also show you how to use, store and manage your footage data. Traditional CCTV involves more equipment, and may take longer to install than IP systems, which uses your existing network to function, but both work in broadly similar ways by capturing images of what is happening outside your house or business, and then saving these videos until they are no longer required and then deleted.

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Would you like to find out more about how IP or high definition CCTV can help you monitor your home or business from wherever you are? Get in touch to book a no-obligation survey and live demo from our CCTV installation company.

Depending on whether you want your CCTV installation to be visible or not, we also select camera location with this in mind. While we appreciate many people like their camera installation to be highly visible as a deterrent, we are aware that others may want a more covert arrangement, and we will liaise with you to ensure that any cameras installed comply with GDPR and privacy laws, should these be applicable.

Want a security system installing but not based in Essex? Not a problem, get in touch with us and we’ll let you know if our team of expert installers can help you as we’ll happily cover all the surrounding areas including London. Our competitive prices have opened up CCTV installation to companies, both in Essex and across this corner of the UK, and we continually expand to offer more of our services, products, and advice on CCTV camera installation, whether for a company or an individual. If you think that CCTV installation for your Essex or south-east based property is the next step in protecting and securing premises, then get in touch with our friendly team of installers at 24-7 today.

We install ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) Cameras to help deter theft, but it is also used for Car park access control systems, Car park toll payment automation, business premises access and lane control.

Get in touch and book your FREE, no obligation site survey

Would you like to find out more about how IP CCTV or high definition CCTV can help you monitor your home or business from wherever you are? Get in touch to book a no-obligation survey and live demo.

We install ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) Cameras to help deter theft, but it is also used for Car park access control systems, Car park toll payment automation, business premises access and lane control.

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