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Effective Security for Construction Sites

Protect your construction site, remote facility or vacant property through remote video monitoring with a Smart Mobile Security Monitor

Construction or building site security is a challenge but CCTV can’t fill the role of a manned guard – and a guard can drain your payroll. This is where remote video monitoring can help and is a very sensible solution if you feel that your construction site security may be compromised because of its particular location. Please read on.

Hat and Hi Vis Detection  

AI-powered hard-hat detection is a technology that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to identify whether workers are wearing hard hats or not. This technology is used in industries such as construction, mining, and manufacturing, where wearing hard hats is a crucial safety measure to protect workers from head injuries.

The system works by using cameras mounted on the site to capture images of workers as they enter or move around the site. The AI algorithms then analyze the images in real-time and identify whether the workers are wearing hard hats or not. If a worker is not wearing a hard hat, an alert is sent to the site supervisor, who can then take appropriate action.

This technology has several advantages over traditional manual checks, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors. With AI-powered hard-hat detection, the process is automated and real-time, which means that safety violations can be detected immediately. Additionally, the system can also generate reports on safety compliance, which can be used for training and evaluation purposes.


Portable wire free monitoring for remote or construction site security

While CCTV is an excellent solution in many cases, it cannot replace a live guard who can spot a crime in progress on your construction site and alert the authorities to take immediate action, preventing the loss of valuable property.

Imagine if you had a security system that could stand in place of a guard 24/7, 365 without draining your payroll. We can provide just that.

RSI Videofied is a weatherproof and wireless intruder alarm that features a built-in night vision camera and infrared LEDs. In the event of an alarm, the video camera will record a short clip and send it to our alarm receiving centre for the key holders to be alerted immediately.

PPE Detection Via CCTV

Using CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) systems to detect and monitor the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in various settings, such as manufacturing plants, construction sites, or laboratories, comes with several benefits:


1. Ensuring Safety Compliance:

  • Automated Monitoring: Automated systems can continuously monitor individuals for PPE compliance without fatigue.
  • Immediate Alerts: The system can send immediate alerts for any non-compliance, enabling rapid response.

2. Reduction of Accidents and Liabilities:

  • Prevention: By ensuring that all personnel are wearing the necessary PPE, accidents related to non-compliance can be minimized.
  • Legal and Insurance Compliance: Demonstrable PPE monitoring can be pivotal in adhering to legal and insurance requirements.

Protect your premises, however isolated they may be

If you operate a remote facility in an isolated location, you know how challenging it can be to secure your premises. Whether you have a mine, plant, cell tower, forestry station, solar farm or research station, keeping an eye on your valuable equipment and resources can seem impossible.

The problem with traditional automated security systems is that they run on traditional AC power, which your isolated facility may not be equipped with. Ensure peace of mind at all times with our RSI Videofied smart mobile security monitor.

Video monitoring for vacant properties

Do you own a vacant commercial or residential property? According to statistics, around 7-9% of commercial property in the UK is unoccupied, with this rate set to increase in the future.

Equipment designed purely for motion-sensing will regularly give off false alarms, leading to costly call outs.

Protecting your construction site or vacant property can be a real challenge, especially if it lacks a power line, phone line and Internet connection. As a battery-operated intruder alarm providing live video transmission in case of intrusion, RSI Videofied is the answer you need.

Prevent copper theft through wireless theft monitoring

Copper theft is a serious problem throughout the UK that’s growing at an epidemic rate. Copper is vital for construction and power generation, but demand is far in excess of supply which means it can now fetch a valuable price in the global market.

Copper theft is a common plight for train lines and construction projects in their initial phases, especially if fences are still to be erected, are particularly vulnerable.

RSI Videofied provides video surveillance with a verified alarm to trigger response in the event of copper theft. Battery-operated, it is the perfect solution for any site without electrical power.

Portable remote video alarms: available to buy or rent

You can purchase RSI Videofied outright from us for continuous long-term monitoring. Or you can rent it on a weekly or monthly basis – perfect for event monitoring, temporary construction sites and remote work areas.

A specialist outdoor & construction site security monitoring service across London, Essex and Kent

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