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Security Using Door Entry Systems

Door entry security is an integral part of our wider access control systems and plays a fundamental part in ensuring who gains entry to certain areas of your premises and also when. Doors, gates and barriers that allow entry to sensitive areas often need additional security and that’s where using a method of door entry comes in.

There are various types of entry control and finding the correct one for your needs can be daunting.  That is where we come in, at 24-7 we will get to know your requirements before offering you the best advice on the right kind of security system to suit your exact needs.  Once you are happy, we can install the system and get it up and running in no time, getting your business premises functioning efficiently whilst maintaining optimum security.

Door entry systems can be a very useful means of controlling entry to entire buildings as well as to individual areas within a large property and have a multitude of applications.  You name it and we’ll find a suitable system to allow you to control who gains access.

Here’s just some of the applications where you will find this kind of security extremely useful.

Hospitality – hotel bedrooms, holiday rentals

Commercial – offices, storage facilities

Retail – storage areas,

Health and Fitness – gym access, lockers, membership facilities

Residential – flats, car parking, amenity areas etc

Health Service – hospitals, doctors surgeries, dental practice, care homes etc

Education – schools, university and colleges

The obvious main benefit of using this kind of security system is you get to control who gains entry and to where without the inconvenience of a locked door that operates by an old fashioned key which has many disadvantages.

When it comes to door entry systems there are various different models to choose from including keypad, intercom, video and wireless controls being some of the most commonly used.

A Keypad Door Entry System

One of the more widely used, as well as being one of the simplest systems of controlling the ins and outs of premises is the use of a keypad located on the door where you input a code to gain entry. In its simplest form it works in situ as a lock on the actual door.  Alternatively it can be linked electronically to a control system. Basic models will operate with one generic code whereas more advanced models will allow multiple individual codes. We can advise on all aspects at any time.

Advantages:  Ease of use, low cost.


Disadvantages: Integrity of codes.

Intercom Door Entry

Controlling who has access to your property via an intercom door entry system is perfect for residential areas and places that have a manned reception. They operate by having an intercom at the door, which is answered from a control station internally within the building and the door can then be unlocked, or not, manually depending on whether you want the person outside to gain entry.

Advantages: More personal, you are in full control of who enters and when.

Disadvantages: Needs manning to be fully effective so not suitable if you need autonomous entry.

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Video Door Entry Systems

These work exactly the same way as the intercom system above with the addition of video which allows you to see who is at the door before you give them entry permission.

Advantages: Additional security in being able to see who is at the door and also what else is going on around the door prior to giving access.

Disadvantages: As with the intercom system this would need to be manned to be effective.

Proximity Systems

If you prefer a more autonomous means of controlling access, then a proximity form of control would work for you. You can choose between a card or a fob as your means of allowing entry to your premises. You have the ability to restrict access at certain times (outside of working hours for example) and to easily bar individual cards/fobs if and whenever needed.

Advantages: More robust security as not relying on the use of a code that can be easily abused, easy to scale up.

Disadvantages: Lack of access due to loss of card.

Wired or Wireless Systems?

Along with your choice of which system you choose comes the option to have a wired system or use wireless technology. Both have their merits and will depend on your situation. 

Get in touch with us at 24-7 and we will talk you through the systems we fit to find the perfect fit for your premises.

We use door entry systems from Paxton and Hikvision, 2 major players when it comes to security systems for both residential and commercial premises. These systems are very secure, provide peace of mind and are extremely efficient at doing their job. We will happily provide you with quotes to help you decide which system suits your budget.

Paxton Door Entry

Paxton have been in the security sectors for over 30 years and have a comprehensive range of solutions for all kinds of security situations including door entry.  Using the latest technology to provide you with first class security both at your entrance and throughout your building. This is one of our best-selling security systems.

At 24-7 we are also experienced in fitting and maintaining Paxton door entry systems for our customers across a wide range of applications such as schools, commercial buildings and domestic homes.

Hikvision Door Systems

Our other go to provider for door security systems is Hikvision who provide state of the art entry systems to ensure robust yet easy to use security for you, your visitors and staff. With our extensive experience of fitting Hikvision door entry controls throughout Essex and London you are in safe hands.

Our team are on hand to talk through your options and help you to find the right door entry system for your premises, so get in touch today and let us take care of who, when and how people gain entry into your premises.

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