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CCTV Leasing & CCTV Rental

A simple cash flow solution with the added advantage of always having the latest CCTV technology

Leasing a CCTV system ensures the security that your premises require without any upfront costs, and is a highly tax efficient tool.

Why consider CCTV rental with 24-7 CCTV Security Ltd?

The main advantage of a pay monthly CCTV system through us is that you benefit from the latest in surveillance technology without significant upfront costs and capital outlay – a key consideration for smaller businesses and startups.

Even if you’re considering purchasing a CCTV system outright, CCTV leasing could give you the option of using that money in other areas of your business instead to boost your profitability and growth.

Pay Monthly CCTV

You can simply opt to pay monthly for your CCTV system over time to fit in with your projected cash flow, whether over a 12, 24 or 36 month period. We can also consider a mutually acceptable term, and take your seasonal cash flow into account.

Your monthly CCTV hire payments will remain at a fixed rate throughout the entire duration of the agreed term, making it easier for you to budget without worrying about potential fluctuations in interest rates.

Choosing a pay monthly CCTV system can make a huge difference to your business. It allows you to be at the cutting edge of CCTV technology while avoiding large initial costs, but it also means as the technology moves on you can upgrade and maintain your monthly payments.

We can even offer Car Leasing with CCTV installed, just call and ask for details. Take advantage of this offer today and talk to our team about a pay monthly CCTV system.

CCTV rental tax benefits

Did you know that your CCTV leasing arrangement can be offset against tax and reduce your tax liability? 100% of your lease rental payments can be set against your business profits. Buying a CCTV package outright instead would be treated as an asset so only a depreciating portion of its value can be claimed against tax each year.

Easily upgrade to the latest CCTV equipment

Leasing a CCTV system will also allow you to benefit from more sophisticated equipment that you might not otherwise be able to afford up front. CCTV technology is continually improving over time, so simply renegotiate your lease to take advantage of this and upgrade to even better, more sophisticated equipment.

When your CCTV lease ends, we can remove the old system, dispose of it, and replace it with the latest state-of-the art CCTV package. Pay monthly CCTV is a very popular option for a number of reasons and it makes a far more cost-effective option that also means you get the best tech out there.

A comprehensive CCTV security equipment package

We will provide all the security equipment you need as part of your CCTV leasing deal. No extra equipment will be necessary, we can even lease any equipment you company needs including cars and vans  

A specialist CCTV hire service across London, Essex and Kent

Would you like to find out more about how we can arrange a CCTV leasing agreement that meets your needs and your budget? Our pay monthly CCTV packages are highly popular.

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