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Car Thefts Up 29% - Security Tips for Preventing Car Theft

Car Theft

Recent reports show that vehicle thefts increased by 29% from 2021 to 2022 and the figures are expected to increase further for 2023. The cost of living crisis is leading to an increase in people turning to crime, with vehicle theft being one of the most rapidly increasing crimes.

Insurance premiums have also increased, partly due to an increase in thefts, partly due to increases in the cost of car parts and other rising costs for insurers.

It is not just new, expensive vehicles that are being targeted for thefts, older cars are also being stolen more frequently. 

Worryingly for people living in London and surrounding areas, London was the region with the largest number of reported vehicle thefts in 2022.

How to prevent your vehicle from being stolen

There are a number of actions you can take to help protect your vehicle from both opportunistic and planned theft, including:

Store keys in an aluminium box

Thieves have been using sophisticated technology to amplify the signal from the keyfob of keyless cars to start the engine. Storing the keys in an aluminium box blocks the signal and will prevent thieves from using this method to steal your car.

Install security lights with motion sensors

Security lighting that turns on when triggered by an intruder is another good deterrent, especially when it is used in combination with CCTV or a smart system that sends alerts to a mobile device when the sensors are triggered.

Install an advanced car alarm system

Most modern cars come with an in-built car alarm but you can buy more advanced car alarm systems that provide additional features such as shock/tilt sensors, programmable anti-hijack and high-precision location detection GPS.

Be vigilant with checking your vehicle

When you leave your car, always double-check that you have locked it and that all windows are closed. Opportunist thieves will often try car doors to see if the owner has forgotten to lock it.

Park in well-lit areas

Park somewhere well-lit and visible whenever you can. Car thieves like to operate where they can’t be seen. If you are parking in a car park, look for a parking spot that is monitored by CCTV and has good lighting.

Install CCTV outside your property

If you do not have a garage to lock your vehicle in, the next best deterrent is to install CCTV cameras that will monitor your vehicle 24/7. The sight of a CCTV system will put thieves off and if you have an advanced CCTV system that sends alerts to your mobile device, you can act swiftly when an intruder is detected on your property.

Home CCTV systems have been found to reduce property crime by around 13% and when combined with motion-activated lighting and a burglar alarm system, you will have a very effective security system for your property to prevent vehicle theft as well as break-ins.

Advice on installing home CCTV systems

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