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Security in nurseries: Taking children's safety seriously

CCTV in Nursuries

CCTV systems in nurseries

All nurseries must take children’s safety seriously. Keeping kids safe from internal and external harms is a matter of responsibility and duty of care.

All kids deserve the best possible start in life, and this often means growing and developing in an environment that is both safe and secure. It’s only natural for parents who use early years services to want to have the utmost confidence that their children will be protected from harm at all times. For this reason, to be confident about your nursery choice, you need to see it as a safe and positive place for your kids.

As of 2020, there were 15,000 nurseries in the UK, and the number of such facilities is growing. For all parents of these children enrolled in these facilities, who are perhaps swallowing back feelings of worry at the prospect of handing over their child for the most part of the day, security in nurseries is a top priority. And, so it should be for nursery directors from all across the UK.

Security for nurseries is one of the essential functions that need to run in the background continuously. Everybody, from parents to teachers and kids, knows it is there, and reliable security measures are in place, enabling those who care for children to focus most of their time on cultivating young minds and parents to rest assured that their kids are safe when they aren’t around.

Thoughtful nurseries security can include strategically positioned video cameras, keyless entry systems, and enhanced sign-in and sign-out procedures. The right security strategies can depend widely based on the size and type of day-care facility. 

What are the top safety concerns in nurseries?

Early years services are a necessity for most working families, and millions of parents across the UK rely on them each day. Parents always expect providers to have passed a background check, be well-trained, and have safety standards within the facilities that are high. Children learn and develop best in safe environments. That is why nursery safety is paramount.

Unfortunately, there can be many safety concerns in nurseries, including both internal and external factors. Here are the potential factors that can threaten the safety of children in nurseries: 

Internal safety and security concerns in nurseries

Harm to children in nurseries can come from internal factors like risks of food poisoning, poor hygiene, broken equipment, burns, electrical hazards and others of such kinds. 

But, besides such hazards, security concerns can also involve your staff. There are various news stories about neglectful child care situations, and these are good examples of the risks that kids are exposed to if they are taken care of by poorly-trained staff.

External safety and security concerns in nurseries

External safety issues are usually the most concerning, especially if you consider possibilities like a threat caused by a potential intruder or kidnapper. Data shows that an estimated 112,853 children are reported missing every year in the UK. It’s a terrible thing to think about, but it’s better to be prepared.

Unfortunately, kids can either get scared and leave on their own or get abducted by potential intruders, and you need to prevent that from happening at all costs.

Options for security in nurseries

It’s clear that security needs to be a top priority in nurseries. Parents trust nurseries’ staff with the safety and security of their children, and they want to rest assured that no harm can get to their little ones. At the same time, caregivers in nurseries want to be able to focus on supervising and shaping the young minds of the kids they are looking after. 

Fortunately, there are specific strategies that can enhance nursery safety and security, including: 

Run background checks for the staff

Running background checks for the nursery staff is an important security measure. After all, caregivers and the rest of the staff will be the adults in charge of the children’s safety and security. 

Running a background check on the nursery’s employees can disclose essential information from a person’s criminal background, financial history, schooling degrees, and prior employment engagements. In other words, it can tell a nursery’s director if the staff is well-trained, trustworthy, and has the necessary skills to be trusted with teaching and caring for kids.

Implement approved parental and guardian pickups

One significant nursery security risk can be related to pickups. More precisely, kids can be well looked after inside the nursery, but they can be at risk when they go outside to wait for their parents or guardians.To avoid any incident related to the pickup process, make sure that you have a clear idea of who is supposed to take the kids home and only allow them to enter the nursery’s premises and pick up the kids.

Install CCTV systems

Installing a CCTV system in a nursery is quite frankly an essential security measure that enhances the safety of children enrolled in early years care services. Video cameras can act as a deterrent to anyone who may have questionable intentions because they can be proof of what happened that may jeopardise children’s safety and security.

Install access control systems

It is essential to control who enters or exits the nursery facility for obvious security-related reasons. Access control systems ensure safety and security for your nursery premises. They keep people who may have questionable intentions away and only allow authorised staff and parents to enter or exit the facility.

Have burglar alarms installed at the main entrances

Burglar alarms offer enhanced protection to children in nurseries and staff by preventing burglars from entering a childcare facility or alerting the staff in case an authorised individual enters. 

Place fire alarms across the nursery

Data shows that about 500 children ages 14 and under are killed in fires each year. The majority of fire deaths are caused by smoke inhalation.

Nursery CCTV Security

With this in mind, nursery security should always consider fire emergency-related tools like fire extinguishers and fire alarms. Fire alarms alert the staff in case of a fire-related emergency, enabling them to have longer response times to take kids outdoors safely.