Visual Alarms

Visual Alarms

Here at 24-7 CCTV we can create an intruder alarm system that
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Outdoor security is a challenge. While CCTV is great, sometimes it does not offer you all you need. CCTV gives you a record of the past, but it does not fill the same role as a security guard. A live security guard can spot a crime in progress and alert the authorities to take them into immediate action, preventing the loss of valuable property.

Imagine if you had a security system that could stand in place of a guard without draining your payroll.

Remote Facility Protection

Protect your remote facilities with our Smart Mobile Security Monitors. If you operate a remote facility in an isolated location, you know how challenging it can be to secure your premises. Whether it is a mine, a plant, a cell tower, a forestry station, a solar farm, a research station, or any other type of isolated facility, keeping an eye on your valuable equipment and resources can seem impossible. Most traditional automated security systems pose the following problem that they run on traditional AC power, which your facility may not be equipped with.

Vacant Property Protection

Protect your vacant property with our Smart Mobile Security Monitors. Do you own vacant commercial or residential property? According to statistics, around 7-9% of commercial property throughout the UK is unoccupied.

Experts expect these numbers to remain high over the coming years. Even while not in use, your vacant property may represent some of your most important and valuable assets. Protecting that property can be a real challenge, however, many vacant premises are without utilities. There is no power line leading to the building, no phone line for communications and quite often no internet connection either.

You can purchase RSI Videofied outright for continuous long-term monitoring, or you can rent it out on a weekly or monthly basis (perfect if you need to use it for event monitoring or you want to transport it to a temporary construction site or remote work area).

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Copper Theft

Prevent Copper Theft with Our Smart Mobile Video Monitors Copper theft is a pervasive and very serious problem throughout the UK—and it is a growing epidemic. In fact, in 2011, according to Graham Jones MP, metal theft increased 700% over the previous two years. Copper is a vital supply for construction and power generation, but demand is far in excess of supply. For this reason, copper can now fetch a valuable price in the global market. Copper theft is a common plight for train lines and construction zones. Construction projects that are in their initial phases are particularly vulnerable. During these stages, fences have yet to be erected. Unless you have on-site secure.

Construction Site Security

  • Monitor Your Construction Zone with Smart Mobile Video Cameras When it comes to security, construction zones pose numerous unique challenges and pain points.
  • Quite often, because the site is under construction, there are no power lines, phone lines or internet lines available to connect to. Most modern security equipment relies on these hookups in order to run and transmit data.
  • Add to that the fact that construction zones are chaotic environments, and you have a recipe for a security nightmare. Equipment designed purely for motion-sensing will regularly give off false alarms, lead