Fire Alarm Installation

Fire Alarms play critical roles in keeping people and properties safe and making sure they are installed correctly is essential. In order to maintain the levels of safety expected in a commercial environment a fire alarm system must be installed by an expert team. We have been professionally installing fire alarms in Essex and London for many years, our team of highly experienced technicians will make sure your fire alarm installation is done to the highest standard and maintained correctly with our aftercare and maintenance packages.

Cutting Edge Fire Alarm Technology and Installation

Our team adhere to strict guidelines and best practice throughout the installation process from initial brief and design to the final handover and sign off with the client. We offer 24-7 technical help to properties right across Essex and London making sure no system or customer is left without support.

Training and Use

All our fire alarm installations are completed with full training for the designated operators and fire marshals as well as any other dedicated people. We train them on how to run weekly fire alarm tests as well as general use and any system information they may need during a fire emergency.

Fire Alarm Installation Essex and London

If you are looking to have a fire alarm installed at your premises or looking to get an existing system removed and upgraded then please get in touch today. We work across Essex and London and our friendly team is ready to take your call and start discussing your specific fire safety requirements. All our installations are bespoke to your needs, our training and aftercare cater for your team and your needs. We also offer fire alarm maintenance and servicing as part of our aftercare service to ensure you are running 100% of the time.