CCTV Leasing

CCTV Leasing

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Benefit’s of CCTV Leasing at 247 CCTV

Here at 247 CCTV we offer you the option of leasing a CCTV system, allowing you to benefit from the latest in surveillance technology, without the significant upfront cost.

Here are a few reasons CCTV leasing could be a good option for you:

Cash Flow Benefits

We understand that when a new business venture commences, although a CCTV system may be needed, you may not have the funds needed to buy the equipment in one lump payment.

With the option of leasing a CCTV system, you can still get the security that your premises require without the upfront cost, by opting to pay for the system over time. The payments can fit in with your projected cash flow, be it over a 12, 24 or 36 month period or some other mutually acceptable term, and we can even take into account your seasonal cash flow.

Your payments will remain at a fixed rate throughout the entire duration of the agreed term, making it easier for you to budget without worrying about potential fluctuations in interest rates.

We can even offer Car Leasing with CCTV installed, just call and ask for details.

What’s more, even if sufficient money is available to purchase a CCTV system outright, leasing could give you the option of using that money in other areas of your business that ultimately boost your profitability and growth.

Equipment Benefits

Leasing a CCTV system will allow you to benefit from more sophisticated equipment that you would likely not be able to afford up front, due to only making smaller monthly payments.If the technology improves over time – which it does – then you’ll be able to upgrade the equipment and renegotiate your lease. Again, that may be a better option than paying for a new system up front while allowing you to benefit from the latest technological advances.

When your CCTV lease has ceased, the system can be removed and disposed of and replaced with a new CCTV package if required.

Security Benefits

All the security equipment needed will be provided as part of your CCTV leasing deal. No extra equipment will be necessary.

Tax Benefits

Finally, due to the nature of the product, your leasing arrangement can be 100% offset against tax – and that’s always a good thing!

As you can see, there are a number of compelling reasons that make CCTV leasing a good option for many businesses, even if you do have the funds necessary to purchase a system outright.

Here at 247 CCTV we’ll be able to set you up with a CCTV leasing arrangement that will meet your needs while remaining within your budget.

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