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Specialist CCTV Surveillance By Trained Experts

Whether you need a simple CCTV camera installation system for your home, or sophisticated security solution, we will help you choose your ideal security system at a competitive price. We offer great value because we want you to be happy with our services, so you remain our customer and recommend us to others.

247 CCTV Security Ltd. have been designing and installing CCTV systems since 2002. We have worked with a wide variety of clients in this time, from homeowners,  local businesses, to Essex County Council and even working on the 2012 London Olympics.

Whatever your needs or budget, we have the experience to give you the best possible advice for your particular circumstances.  Forget about sales pitches and hype, all of our security system consultants are ex-service engineers, because only experts can understand how to create a security system that’ll fully meets your needs. We make recommendations that help you save money on unnecessary features or equipment, tailoring our offers to your particular circumstances.

What Makes 247 CCTV a Reliable Installer Company

The insurance industry recommends you use an SSAIB certified CCTV installer to cover you should problems arise. 247 CCTV are fully accredited, so must work to the highest industry standards.

In fact, most insurers will give you a discount for choosing SSAIB certified security camera installation.

Avoid the risk of your insurers refusing to pay out if in the worst case scenario, you’re burgled by working with established, verified companies.  As an SSAIB approved CCTV installation, maintenance and surveillance company, we’ll ensure your CCTV system complies with all the necessary guidelines and that you premises are as secure as possible.

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    Traditional Digital CCTV

    Our traditional CCTV surveillance camera security systems operate in full colour, day and night, with optional infra-red LEDs for night vision capability, maximising your potential to record valuable detailed information when necessary.

    Your digital CCTV system, once installed can be monitored from almost anywhere in the world via the internet or 3G/4G mobile, offering maximum efficiency, flexibility and security.

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    Internet Protocol CCTV, also known as IP CCTV systems, is the future of CCTV security.  This option is one of our most popular security solutions.

    Our IP CCTV cameras are able to turn images, video and audio into recordable data, which is securely transmitted over a network for ease of manipulation and analysis.

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    Analytic CCTV

    Analytic CCTV Systems are 247’s intelligent, complete security system that cuts down on security staffing costs.  You benefit from an intelligent CCTV system that provides round-the-clock monitoring and surveillance, with no need for a security guard monitoring your cameras.  This sophisticated CCTV  surveillance equipment is great value…

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    CCTV Maintenance

    We offer flexible CCTV maintenance and repair services to suit your particular needs, be it a full maintenance contract or simply a one-off, pay as you go service.  We guarantee next-day call out, or a maintenance visit at a day and time to suit you. We only use qualified, highly experienced CCTV technicians, so you can be assured that your CCTV system is in the very best hands.

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    CCTV Leasing

    247 CCTV offer our clients the cost-effective option of leasing a CCTV security system, allowing you to benefit from the latest in surveillance technology, without the significant upfront cost and being able to manage your budget better.

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Expert, Specialist CCTV Surveillance
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Specialist CCTV surveillance from the experts

Whether you require a simple CCTV surveillance system or have complex site and staff conditions, we can deliver your ideal security solution at an equally attractive price and with the confidence you are partnering with an SSAIB certified CCTV installer.

We’ve been designing and installing IP CCTV systems since 2002. Over 15 years, we’ve worked with a diverse array of clients, from concerned homeowners, to local businesses securing their assets against burglary and vandalism, through to extensive installation systems for Essex County Council and the sophisticated demands of making the 2012 London Olympics more secure.

Whatever your particular security needs or budget, we have the surveillance experience to give you the best possible advice for your circumstances, with no-nonsense language and flexible packages.

We don’t employ salesmen. All of our consultants are ex-service engineers.   We believe that only a trained engineer can understand how to create a CCTV system that’ll effectively meets your needs. We ensure you are not wasting money on unnecessary features or equipment.

247 CCTV Security Solutions

At 247 CCTV Security Ltd. our CCTV installers in Essex, London and South East England use only the very latest CCTV equipment and security technologies to protect what you care about most. We believe that your surveillance system does not need to cost the earth.   We are proud to offer great value security CCTV systems that perfectly meet your needs. Whether you require a simple CCTV installation or a more complex solution, we design your ideal protection at a competitive price. As an SSAIB certified company, we provide CCTV and other security systems that you can trust.