Analytic cctv

Analytic cctv

Analytic CCTV does not just act as an ordinary camera,
it acts as a security guard as well.

Would your business benefit from an intelligent CCTV system that provided round-the-clock monitoring and surveillance, but without the need for a security guard? If you want to experience CCTV surveillance at the next level, an analytic CCTV system from 247 CCTV could be the ideal solution for you.

How does analytic CCTV work?

An analytic CCTV system does far more than simply record images through positioned and passive CCTV cameras, which is why it is known as the future of CCTV and surveillance. A smart CCTV system is able to automatically detect, track and analyse movements of people and objects. This kind of system is so intelligent that it can be ‘trained’ to look out for and identify certain behaviours, which it can then inform you or your operators about.

Analytic CCTV system from 247 Security

  • Dramatic reduction in false alarms and alerts

    Saving you time and money in unnecessary call-out costs.

  • Lower overheads

    You no longer need to employ a full-time security guard or overnight security team, as the intelligent system monitors all images for you

  • Automatic image analysis

    The system will analyse images for you, so your security team don’t have to spend hours staring at screens.

  • Automatic recording of useful images

    If there is a need to check back on your CCTV footage, an intelligent CCTV system will store everything you need ready for instant playback

  • A powerful deterrent for

    Potential intruders and burglars

  • No need to replace your existing system (unless you need to)

    Povided your existing cameras have good image quality and the right field of view, video analytics equipment can simply be added to your existing system

  • Maximum surveillance

    Giving you the peace of mind that your CCTV system offers as much protection to your business or organisation as possible

  • Remote monitoring

    Images can be monitored by you or your security team from anywhere in the world, via the internet or 3G/4G

Want to find out more about smart CCTV?

As experts in analytic CCTV, our team can install and then “train” your state-of-the-art analytic CCTV system to respond to certain behaviours or actions. It can detect people or objects, analyse what they’re doing and track them every step of the way. It can be set up to only record activity it detects, or it can even send an alert to operators if it spots suspicious activity.

  • Intelligent Detection of people or vehicles
  • Dramatically Reduces False Alarms
  • SmartTrack – SmartWire – SmartScene – SmartWatch
  • Maximum Detection

We can discuss your requirements, tell you much more about how smart CCTV works and arrange a completely free, no obligation site survey. We look forward to hearing from you.

Remote Monitoring ( Client or Control Room )

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CCTV viewable through the internet or 3G

Analytic CCTV still acts as a normal CCTV system, allowing you to view and record live video in crisp detail and quality. You can even connect to your cameras through an internet/3G enabled PC or phone to watch the video feeds in real time.