Access Control

Site Access Control

For secure premises,
247 CCTV help you let only the right people in
and keep risk out.

Letting the right people in, keeping the wrong people out

For your business premises to be completely secure, you need an access control system to stay ahead of increasing levels of risk. 247 CCTV Security Ltd. specialise in a range of access control systems to suit changing requirements of modern, evolving organisations.  Our integrated options grant access to authorised personnel and reliably keep unwanted persons out of restricted zones, minimising risk.

Our access control systems are considered some of the best in the industry, both for security and ease of use. To discuss your requirements and to arrange a completely free, no obligation site survey carried out by our expert team, please give us a call on 01268 452602.

Let’s help you allow the right people in and keep risk out.

Smooth Integration of Your Access Control System

Do you have a security access control system in place and you want to add an extra layer of security? No problem.  Your new access control unit can easily be integrated with your existing systems, such as time/attendance recording systems.  Our technical experts enable different systems to work together seamlessly, so you can record when individuals enter or exit your premises.

Our specialist technical access control  integration service is available in the London, Essex and Kent areas. If this is something you would be interested in,  If you are looking to enhance your building security to address increasing risk levels, please get in touch to discuss your requirements and to arrange your free site survey.

Specialists in Electronic CCTV Installation in Essex, London and the South East
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247 CCTV System Quality and Professional Installation

As one of the most trusted providers of access control systems in Essex, London and the South East, 247 CCTV only supplies the very best quality door access solutions for your business.

We take your security and your budget management seriously; our expert technical consultants will only recommend an access control system that suits your specific needs and will be extremely robust in restricting unauthorised access.

247 CCTV have a vastly experienced and highly qualified team of professional installers; you have the confidence of knowing your SSAIB certified CCTV installer works to the highest industry standards. Your system will be designed and installed professionally with the maximum effectiveness and durability in mind.