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Fire Alarm, Emergency Lighting & AOV Maintenance & Servicing

We at 247 Fire and Security will take on responsibility of all Fire Alarm, Emergency Lighting and AOV (automatic Opening Vent Systems) servicing and maintenance, we take the safety of all our clients and their premises seriously, we design our maintenance packages to make sure your Fire Alarm, AOV and Emergency lighting are in working order for your safety and peace of mind

Fire Alarm systems must be periodically checked, as a reasonable employer you must check your Fire Alarm and call points every week, and every six months have a fire safety inspection which must be carried out by a qualified fire maintenance engineer

Maintenance of Fire Alarms, AOV and Emergency lighting are a legal requirement so it is essential to keep your system operating safely protecting your people and your assets safe and secure

Here at 247 Fire and security we have our fully qualified team who can service all your alarms and fire operating equipment to comply with your insurance and HSE obligations, we inspect maintain and issue certificates on all compliant systems and notify you of any malfunctions of the system no matter what it may be

All contracted customers are on our comprehensive 24 hours call out program 365 days per year

We can offer non-contract maintenance for Fire alarms, AOV and emergency lighting if you require a service urgently just call us for further details

Emergency Lighting Maintenance & Servicing

Emergency Lighting requires monthly self-test which is normally carried out by a competent person (owner, or a member of staff), however a drain maintenance test must be carried out by a qualified service engineer on a yearly basis although in some cases it is recommended every six months in some premises

247 Fire and security will check your Emergency lighting system is fully compliant to British Standards 5266-8:2004 and EN 50172:2004 whilst furnishing you with the correct paperwork and documentation for your records, our engineers will service maintained and non-maintained Lighting systems of any size at your premises be it a shop, a warehouse, housing estate we work closely with a lot of property management company’s maintaining their portfolio of buildings they look after

AOV (Automatic Opening Vent Systems) Maintenance & Servicing

247 Fire and Security maintain and service a range (Automatic Opening Vent Systems) AOV systems, the building you manage relies on regular maintenance to protect the occupants and get them out safely in the event of a fire

Every communal stairwell must have an Automatic opening vent to extract smoke in case of a fire, the most danger in the event of a fire is the smoke opposed to the heat the fire generates, smoke can easily fill a large building hiding escape routes and people being overcome by smoke inhalation AOV systems need to be serviced at least once per year to conform to BS7346, BS5588 and EN12101

All new Purpose built resident blocks must have automatic opening vents stipulated by commercial building regulations 247 Fire and Security can put together servicing schedules and testing logs to ensure your building meets insurance criteria and is compliant, regular maintenance will ensure your building occupants have the best chance of a safe evacuation in the event of a fire in the building