CCTV for Homes

Regardless of the size of the property you have, domestic CCTV systems can provide security, peace of mind and make a great crime prevention option too. The technology available these days makes domestic CCTV something suitable for most homes and certainly something that can prove highly valuable. We have bee installing CCTV in businesses and homes across Essex, London, and the South East for many years. We are always updating our solutions with new technology and are ready to help make sure your home is more secure!

CCTV Home System Essex and London

Our experienced team are on hand to help you choose the right home CCTV system for your domestic property as well as choose where to locate the cameras and much more. We design and install the system depending on your specific needs. You may be looking for mainly external CCTV coverage for large driveways and outside entrances, or perhaps you are looking for a high-quality internal CCTV system to monitor rooms and doorways. We can offer some of the most advanced home CCTV technology on the market but also at a fair price. From 4K systems to remote cameras that work over the internet we have the solution for you and we work very hard to make sure our installations are cost-effective too.

CCTV Maintenance and Repair

Not only can we design and install a specific CCTV system for your home we also offer comprehensive CCTV maintenance packages. We know how important it is to our customers that their systems are working perfectly all the time. So our team is on hand to repair any issues that may arise over time. We have a range of aftercare packages and ongoing support for the more complex larger systems.

Why is CCTV at Home Important?

More and more households are out during the day and in the evenings. more people work than ever before and we are all taking more holidays than we used too from weekend breaks to long overseas trips. Gone are the days of someone being at home all day while another family member worked. Now most people are either out working or out enjoying themselves more often than ever before and this leaves our homes vulnerable to burglary. Even when people are in they may be working from home in an office with headphones on, they may be working in a garden office with the door shut. Our modern lives mean we are simply more susceptible to break-ins. Home CCTV systems provide a very effective answer to this problem and offer a wide range of benefits.

CCTV – Crime Prevention

Simply by having a visible home CCTV system criminals will be put off even trying to break in. Regardless of their intent a home with cameras is going to be less attractive than one without. Prevention is by far the best option and CCTV can certainly help with this.

CCTV – Saftey and Awareness

Having a domestic CCTV set up allows homeowners to be aware of an incident taking place. They may be away from home at work or on holiday. When they notified of an intruder they can call the police or even alert neighbors. In the instance where people are in when someone tried to break-in they can make themselves known, or move to a safe room or leave the house by another door as well as being able to notify the police immediately. A CCTV system at home can be a very powerful tool to keep your family safe even in the event of a break-in.

CCTV – Prosecution

Even if the break-in was successful and the individual or individuals stole items from your home the video footage can help the police catch them. It may also help alert others in the area to a potential spate of break-ins. Cameras are also very useful in providing evidence to insurance companies of any damage and loss. High-quality CCTV systems can provide detailed information to support insurance claims and expedite the process too.

Important Factors

When considering a CCTV system for your home there are a number of important factors to consider.

Many people assume CCTV will reduce home insurance premiums. This is not always the case, for insurers to consider any discount the system must be professionally installed and meet a number of guidelines. We offer premium home CCTV systems that can be installed to very high specifications. A cheap camera from Amazon is unlikely to offer any insurance savings, but we can provide far more sophisticated systems.

IP CCTV for Homes

Internet Protocol CCTV or IP CCTV is the very latest tool in home protection. IP CCTV produces exceptionally high-quality images and is at the cutting edge of home CCTV. We are one of the leading IP CCTV installers in Essex and London and we are on hand to advise you on how this new technology may be suitable for your home. We can also advise on how you may wish to upgrade from your existing home CCTV set up.

Some of the advantages of IP CCTV

  •  no data limitations
  • Low data storage costs – no discs or tapes
  • Wider field of vision so fewer cameras are needed
  • many different camera options
  • web browsers enabled so very simple to use without added equipment to review footage
  • Cost-effective installation and management

Get In Touch

We are the leading experts in home CCTV in Essex and across London. If you are looking at home CCTV options then get in touch today to discuss what we can of or you. If you already have a CCTV system and want to find out about upgrading it our team are on hand ready to help today.