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Accredited CCTV installers serving London

Expert CCTV installation for 4K, HD  and IP CCTV systems for your peace of mind, 24/7

Whether you need a simple home CCTV camera installation or a more sophisticated IP CCTV security solution for your home or business, we can help you with the right system at the right price.

Secure CCTV monitoring from anywhere in the world via the Internet

Check on your premises anytime and anywhere through your computer or mobile phone. Our systems allow you to view your CCTV with internet or mobile 3G on a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet when abroad on business or holiday.

Choose the latest 4k CCTV systems…

You will benefit from full colour 4k HD CCTV cameras with day and night functions for crisp detail and clarity in all lighting and rugged durability in all types of weather. Our IP CCTV cameras are even equipped with infrared night vision to give you peace of mind 24/7.

We can install full systems to help you view your CCTV at any time, along with modern recording equipment to digitally record and store all video.

…or the very latest in IP CCTV technology

One of our most popular security and surveillance systems is IP CCTV (also known as Internet Protocol CCTV) due to its superior image quality.

As new technology comes along many people are now upgrading to higher performance systems and away from traditional analogue standards. As one of the leading providers of IP CCTV security systems throughout London, and also certified installers, we can help protect what matters to you most.

Why choose IP CCTV over traditional systems?

  • No data limitations
    Transmit and store any number of exceptionally high quality images
  • Lower storage costs
    No further need for discs or tapes.
  • Fewer cameras required
    IP cameras have a far wider field of view
  • A choice of cameras from 1 – 20 megapixels
    High definition CCTV can be customised to your exact needs, with different cameras and options to suit every budget and specification.
  • Flexibility and ease of use
    You only need a web browser to view images captured by high definition CCTV cameras.
  • Quicker and easier to install
    IP CCTV is surprisingly simple to install. It can use existing network points and cabling, as well as network cable which is cheaper than analogue cable.
  • Cost-effective
    IP CCTV installation costs are lower, with less equipment required than for digital CCTV.

A specialist CCTV installation service across London

Would you like to find out more about how IP CCTV or high definition CCTV can help you monitor your home or business from wherever you are? Get in touch to book a no-obligation survey and live demo.

We install ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) Cameras to help deter theft, but it is also used for Car park access control systems, Car park toll payment automation, business premises access and lane control

We’d be happy to discuss costs then arrange to examine your premises and make our expert CCTV system recommendations. Simply email or call 01268 452602.