Home Burglar Alarms

Burglar alarms offer peace of mind and act as a deterrent in two ways, they can prevent people from trying to break into your home, and they can also stop people in the process of breaking in. A burglar alarm can mean you feel safer in your home while you sleep, but they also allow you to be out of the property and be confident you have a system in place to keep your property safe.

We have been installing home alarm systems across Essex and London for many years. Our expert team can advise on the type of system you may need for your home as well as install and maintain it too. We also offer a range of additional services like CCTV installation and Fire Alarms. All the systems we install are wireless burglar alarms. The technology for home alarms has moved on so far from the traditional hardwired systems that wireless offer everything a home needs and more.

User Friendly

All our home burglar alarms are easy to use and our friendly team will make sure you are comfortable in using it before the installation is finished. We also offer ongoing support and maintenance including changing batteries on sensors and helping with any issues.

Wireless Burglar Alarms

We install wireless burglar alarms that are a minimum Grade 2 Insurance Improved Smart Burglar Alarms. These systems give you full protection and a lot of very useful technology too. Our wireless intruder alarm systems can be controlled from a smartphone which means you have full access wherever you are. You get alarm notifications and other options directly to your phone.

Wireless burglar alarms are actually simpler for our teams to install so help to keep costs down. Wireless alarms are certainly more appealing visually and with no working to install they make a lot less mess during fitting too. Some people have concerns about signal jamming with wireless alarms but the systems we install have full anti-jamming technology so this isn’t an issue.

One of the great things about having a wireless burglar alarm in your home is the flexibility. Wireless systems are far easier to add to and extend as the size of the property, requirements or budget increases. It is very simple and easy to add more sensors to a wireless system. You have an extension built, or maybe you have started a new hobby and would like to add some extra security to a garage or outbuilding. Whatever the requirements our team can help you choose the right additional products to make sure your home alarm system is doing what it needs to. We can even help you move a wireless alarm system to a new property if you move house.

Video Integration

All our alarm systems have live video verification that can be set up with P2P IP cameras. This means you get real-time video and images during an alarm or you can have the video sent directly to an alarm centre. This can provide added peace of mind when you are away and can help with insurance claims and prosecutions.

Our Service

If you are looking for a home burglar alarm in Essex of London then get in touch today. Our friendly team will help you choose the right system for you with the right level of coverage to meet your budget and requirements. Our wireless systems are state of the art and can be added to if needed in the future. We offer aftercare packages as well as annual maintenance to make sure your alarm is working perfectly all the time.