Author - Kellyman123

How to Secure Your Security System

The safety of the CCTV cameras is extremely important. Nobody wants to have the cameras installed at their property be damaged due to any negligence. Moreover, having some perfectly working cameras stolen from the premises can be a nightmare for you if you have security cameras installed at your place. Although there are not many cases heard about someone actually physically stealing a security camera, but still, it is a possibility that might occur. As technology progresses, another variation [...]

Night Vision Security Cameras – Tips & Benefits

The most important function of security cameras is to capture clear, sharp and completely visible footage. In some situations, normal surveillance cameras are not able to capture such dynamic footage. For example, there are cameras that capture wonderful footage in day time thanks to the bright sun. However, the same camera might perhaps not be able to record a perfectly visible footage at the time of the night outside the building. If you would like to have your property [...]

False Alarms

Are false alarms becoming an expensive problem in your business? False alarms are inconvenient for everyone, and can result in huge unnecessary costs for your business. If you’re experiencing a lot of problems with false alarms in your workplace, now is the time to take action. Don’t just put up with it – you could be throwing money away. Instead, take steps to reduce false alarms and in the long-term, you’ll be saving your business a great deal of expense [...]

10 easy, affordable ways to tighten up security in your workplace

For complete peace of mind, a business needs an efficient, high quality security system in place, one that addresses the security challenges they face on a daily basis. However, there are also lots of cheap and easy ways you can generally improve security, to complement an alarm, CCTV or access control solution. Here are 10 easy ways you can tighten up security in your workplace:Improve lighting. Upgrading lighting systems, or simply turning more of the lights on in key areas, [...]