CCTV Camera System

CCTV Camera System

247 CCTV Security Ltd is a company providing security solutions in Essex, London and the South East of England.

CCTV Camera System

If you’re considering having a CCTV system installed on your property, you’ve taken a good step towards securing your property. As you examine your options, you’ll find that there are various factors you need to consider. One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is what type of CCTV camera system to have installed.

The good news for you is that we offer a wide range of security camera systems to suit different needs and budgets.

  • Wireless CCTV Camera systems

    If you want a CCTV camera system that offers greater flexibility for surveillance on your property, consider our wireless systems. Our wireless systems will allow you greater flexibility in the installation of cameras around your property. There are no cords or cables to worry about.

  • Wired systems

    If you prefer the traditional digital systems, we can provide you with that too. We’ll provide you with the latest and best technology for your wired CCTV camera systems for the best quality in images. Our technicians will survey your property to determine vulnerable points and ensure these are considered in locating cameras.

  • Infra-Red Night vision

    Many crimes occur in the night or during times of low visibility. We provide our clients with infra-red night vision cameras. These ensure that your CCTV camera systems can provide crisp images under conditions of bright light as well as low visibility.

We are specialists in electronic CCTV Installers Essex, London and the Southeast
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CCTV Camera System – All Weather Solutions

Rugged all weather systems

We design and install systems for durability. We’ll provide you with cameras that are designed for use in tough conditions. Our outdoor cameras are built to withstand harsh climatic conditions. You can be sure that your system will still be in great condition even years after installation.

High resolution

We’ll ensure that you get the best quality in images from your CCTV camera system by providing you with high resolution cameras. You’ll get clear images even in conditions of low visibility. You don’t have to worry about grainy images interfering with keeping your property secure.

Greater accessibility

Do you spend a lot of time away from home or your business? You can keep track of what is happening on your property at all times with our CCTV systems. You can access your CCTV camera systems via internet. This will allow you to keep track of your premises at anytime from anywhere. The system is secure ensuring that you won’t compromise security when accessing it over the internet.